Birthday 2.0

So today is not my birthday but I’m making it my birthday.
I woke up to hugs and kisses and birthday wishes.
I reached cubiculeland and my office was fully decorated. (Thanks Patrick, Melanie and Nicole)
I got hugs and kisses during the day as well
I truly feel blessed and cherished and appreciated.


All I want for my birthday

Today is my birthday.
For the moment, my birthday sucks!
So I feel today like my birthday candle is a tiny sputtering flame

So what do we do when life throws us dung?
We reboot.

I will get up.
I will NOT clean the dishes
I will NOT cook dinner.
I will NOT think about projects or helicopters.
I will shutdown the computer and hit the treadmill.
Once I’m exhausted, I will shower.
And then, suddenly, magically, dinner will be made and the kids will be calm.
And then, the day will suddenly be the day it should have been.
I’m not dreaming. If I run long enough, it will happen.
I will have taken back the day!

So, for those of you that had a crappy Monday, or a crappy start of birthday, I say reboot.

Healthy Soup of the week: Napa Cabbage and Ground turkey soup

First and foremost, my weight loss goals of the previous week were not reached (as long as there’s progress, I’m happy, there was no progress, I’m NOT happy) despite lesser calories and more exercise. The cookies no one liked did not help as I do not like to throw food. I might need to rethink my Cookie night Thursdays or at least make sure everyone will like them so that I do not get an excuse to munch away. So, I needed an even lesser calorie alternative for my lunch time soup. Enter the Napa cabbage with its 16 calories per 100 gram of fresh leaves (

Beef stock
Ground turkey
1 Napa cabbage
2 tablespoons Dijon mustard

Cooking instructions:
Bake the ground turkey in a big pot with the Dijon mustard
Once properly cooked through, add the chopped Napa cabbage
Add 1 box of beef stock
If the cabbage is not completely covered, add water.
Simmer on low heat for 3 hours
Serve with croutons

Napa Cabbage and Ground Turkey Soup

The result:
Delicious broth (does not taste or smell like cabbage)

Let’s open the floor for comments:
Have you cooked with the Napa cabbage?
Have you had a bad week with no results in terms of weight loss?
How do you deal with the bummer feeling?
Cooksploratrice community, to your keyboards.

The great reveal, 2012 edition of BIB (Breakfast in bed)

Breakfast in bed 2012

This morning I woke up to this lovely breakfast in bed.
Thanks hubby.

Blood oranges, a friendlier Sicilian export than the Italian mafia.

In the deep of winter, when frost is doing a lot more than just nipping at our noses, the weather starts warming considerably in other parts of the world and we start seeing all sorts of shades of yellows and oranges in the fruit aisle at the grocery store. I call this time of year “The revenge of citrus fruit.”

There is a lesser known variety that is absolutely lovely and it’s the blood orange.

Blood orange from sunkist website

The blood orange has a sweeter taste than its paler cousin. It is also seedless.
The fruit gets tinted by a red hue over cooler winter nights.
It makes for a beautiful presentation in a fruit salad and is also a pretty cool snack.
It’s a great walker cooler conversation starter since most people are not familiar with the ruby colored fruit.

It’s blood orange season from January to March.
So, pick up a Moro, a Sanguinello or a Tarocco orange today.
You will not regret it.

Let’s open the floor for comments
Have you tried a blood orange?
Did you like it?
Do you aim to try a blood orange?
Robin, will you find some in Lachute (it should be easier than the dragon fruit)?
Catherine, did you know that the blood orange was your kin?
What recipes have you made with blood oranges?

Breakfast in Bed, a lovely tradition

For mother’s day, nothing is as important to me as having breakfast in bed.
I talk about looking forward to it days ahead of time to make sure no one quite forgets.
If they do forget, there is hell to pay. But, they don’t forget.

It’s a lovely tradition we’ve had ever since I was pregnant with baby number 1 (11 years ago)
Since then, the tradition has grown by leaps and bounds and we now have breakfast in bed for my daughter’s birthday, for my birthday as well as for mother’s day. It’s a girl thing really.

There is something absolutely decadent about lounging in bed and reading the paper while the men of the household work on household tasks. As mothers, wives and professional career women, we juggle so many things. It’s important to get to live these lovely moments where life slows down. You should enjoy every second of the down time.

Opening the floor for comments:
What traditions do you have in your household for birthdays and mother’s day?
Are you a fan of breakfast in bed?
Are there more traditions we should implement?
As a guy, do you have your own traditions that you enjoy (poker night, boys night out, etc.)
To your keyboards, cooksploratrice community.

For my birthday, nothing beats key lime pie

When I was 12 years old, I visited Clearwater Beach with my parents and tasted the best key lime ever.
It’s one of my most cherished souvenirs.

The keylime tasting occurred at the South Beach Grill. I had the privilege of going there again this summer with my 10 and 8 year old. I have to say the key lime pie remained as tasty as my fond reminiscences.

The best key lime pie in the business

As my birthday approaches, my husband surprised me with a key lime pie from the local bakery. It’s the same bakery where we purchased our wedding cake. The bakery is called Les Délices Lafrenaie. The key lime was good but nowhere near as good as the one from the South Beach Grill. Next year, for my birthday, I want to be at the South Beach Grill with my lovely family and to get another taste of heaven.

Best key lime pie

While I’ll be in Clearwater, I’ll take the time to re-visit the Clearwater Aquarium which is something I thoroughly enjoyed. The Aquarium and its main star, Winter the Dolphin, is featured in a movie starring Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd and Harry Connick Jr.

Do you like key lime pie?

Where have you had the best key lime pie?

What is your favorite desert?