New Years 2012, brunch, 4 stars was general appreciation.

My whole family came to my house for brunch for new years.
I cooked Jamie Oliver’s All Day breakfast Salad from his book “Cook with Jamie.”
I made a gluten free version and a version with gluten. (with baguette for gluten version, with homemade bread for gluten free version)
I made some important substitutions like endives instead of endive lettuce (endives are quite bitter and did not work out to be lovely)
I also used too much mustard and my dressing was too strong (it overpowered the delicate mash lettuce and watercress.) I did not use blood sausage either (it’s not liked in my family) so I used some nice Toulouse sausage instead. It was nonetheless quite a hit.
My main issue with the recipe was the timing:
You cannot poach the eggs until you’re ready to serve and the salad needs to be warm so you cannot do much ahead of time. By the time your guests get there, you’re racing to the finish line and hoping everyone shows up at the same time.

So the lesson du jour, warm salads work great but if you’re going to have a bunch of people over, it’s not the best choice.

Before you pick the recipe, consider who’ll be coming over and their habits. If people tend to show up late, it’s not a good meal to consider.


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