Family Dinner, Old School pork chops with apples and sage accompanied by Minted Peas under oil

Context: Family dinner with Ben, Emilie and Greg
Ingredients and origin of ingredients:
 I purchased a Tomme des Iles (from a cheese maker in Laval, La Fromagerie des Nations). A Tomme is cheese made out of a combination of goat milk and cow milk.
2 Apples (Macintosh)
6 pork chops (the thicker the better)
frozen peas
Olive Oil
salt and pepper
1 Lemon
Recipe for the chops:
Preheat oven to 400 degrees
Prior to searing the chops, practice incisions on the chops
In a pan, sear the port chops for 2 minutes per side.
Take them out and leave them to rest on a plat
In the same pan, sear the apples for 2 minutes
Take them out and leave them to rest in a bowl
add a bit of water to the pan to take out all of that juice
Then put back in the pan, the pork chop, add two slice of aged cheese (Tomme des Isles was my pick, quite tasty), some apple slices and then put the sage on top 
Leave in the oven for 20 minues
Broil for 2 minutes  
The end result of the pork chops
Recipe for the peas:
Boil the frozen peas with the mint until al dente
add 1 cup olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
Add juice from one lemon
Let sit for the flavours to blend
The end result of the peas
 Old school pork chops with Sage from Cook with Jamie and Minted Peas under Oil from Cook with Jamie
What I did wrong:
 I did not cook the meat quite long enough, Broiling a little longer would have added flavour and the pork chops were not thick enough
I should have done the pea salad ahead of time and thus allowed the mint and lemon to infuse their flavour into the peas.
4 Stars and a half for the pork chops (Hubbie ate two chops)
2 stars for the minted peas (tasted much too oily on the first try, I will eat the salad tomorrow after the flavours have blended and will let you know if I would like to revisit my review)
I would recommend this meal for large family dinners.
Food and wine pairing:
A Sauterne or an iced cider would have completed nicely

The floor is now open, you have the mike

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