Zucchini Fritters

Context:Marc-Sebastien and Daphné, our friends from British Columbia came over for a visit and we served zucchini fritters as a first course. 
Ingredients and origin of ingredients:
Tomme des Demoiselles, Purchased from La Fromagerie des Nations
Espelette peppers, Terre Exotique, Purchased from la Fromagerie des Nations 
For the fritters:
Zucchini’s (deskinned, deseeded, middle section removed) salt and let sit a few minutes
1 heaping teaspoon of Espellette Peppers
1/4 cup of Flour 
1/4 cup Tomme des demoiselles, grated. (or any flavourful cheese) 
lemon zest 
1 egg (yolk and whites separated) 
Combine all the ingredients except the egg white
Add the egg white at the end right before cooking 
 Zucchini Fritters from Cook with Jamie  
What I did wrong:
 According to my tasters, I added too much espelette pepper (it tasted lovely by my account) 
I let the zucchini mixture sit for so long that it became quite soggy 
I tried a cheese less version and it lacked texture 
Appreciation:  Four Stars
My husband who is an all around carnivore ate and enjoyed the fritters 
The zucchini tasted green and lovely and not soggy like cooked zucchini tends to be. 
I loved it and would have given a better grade but the average grade granted was 4 stars. 
The Zucchini Fritters I cooked

Wine tasting: Domaine de l’Ile Ronde, 2007

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