The Perils of Cooking and the Joys of Feeding your Loved Ones

When cooking, you might chop off bits and pieces of skin (mainly fingers) especially with the mandolin.
When cooking, you might also get burns all over your body especially when deep frying.
When cooking, you might taste something awful especially when you try something new.
When cooking, you might get back aches from standing for so long especially when preparing many things.
When cooking, you might get baker’s asthma from inhaling too much flour.


What is better than watching your family scarf down your pancakes, or eat your meat pies so quickly there’s nothing left for the next day? Or listening to them ask for seconds or saying you’re the world’s best cook?

Cooking is all about love. Sometimes, love hurts. And the more you love,  the more it hurts.

I think it’s worth paying the occasional pound of flesh for such praise and for such lovely meals with your family.

Happy Cooking!


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