Sunday is Marathon Day

Somehow it’s not a good Sunday if I don’t over pack the fridge.
I do industrial cooking on Sundays while my guys watch football.
I’m like a mamma bear preparing to hibernate.

You don’t believe me?

As an example, today, I did:
Homemade Apple sauce
Chicken with homemade yogurt marinade
Jasmine Rice
Silky eggplant mousse
and Chili

There’s no room in the fridge left and my husband is grumbling at me.
But I can’t help it, on Sunday’s, I cook till I drop.

Are you the same?

Is this how you prepare yourself for the gnarly week ahead filled with stress, bickering coworkers, homework and traffic? It’s okay to be a mamma bear! Long live the mamma bear.

The floor is now open, you have the mike

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