Discipline and Blogging while sick with the flu

Good morning Dear cooksploratrice community,

Today, I am sick with the flu and have been alternating between napping and being sick.
It’s a pretty horrendous day!
However, I wanted to talk about discipline.
Two days ago, when all I wanted was to make like a potato and vegg out on my couch while watching some TV, my son came to see me and said: “Mom, let’s run.”

A 10 year old boy made me stick to my guns and I ran.
I then felt so much better about my day.

Like everyone, my days are pretty jammed up:
-10 hours in cubiculeland where the pressure is high
-2 hours in trafic where time is purely wasted
-1 hour for dinner
-1 hour for homework
-1 hour for cooksploratrice (reading, writing, catching up on the comings and goings in the bloggosphere)
-30 minutes to work out or walk the dog (Pistache)
-30 minutes quality time with kids
-1 hour quality time with husband
-8 hours of sleep
25 hours in one day (i’m over my time budget)

It’s hard to do everything and we feel so guilty when we don’t quite make it.
The mommy guilt is the worst feeling in the world.

So, the point is to try. Try as much as you can to fit everything in.
If you drop something along the way for that day, it’s OK! Just make sure you do that one thing the next day.  But, as much as you can, do a bit of exercise and get some fresh air. If it’s 10 minutes, it’s 10 minutes. But at least, for that day, it’s not ZERO.

If a 10 year old boy can find motivation, so should you.


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