Lady Eggplant, who are you?

So, as promised, I committed to investigating my prey in order to better master it.

The eggplant originates from India. Today, most of the production comes from China, India and Egypt. 

The eggplant has proven quite adept at reducing cholesterol.
Solanum melongena is the surname of our lovely lady of the night. 

The eggplant is part of the nightshade family. Don’t witches use nightshade to cause harm?
Perhaps, this is where my issues come from. I am a kitchen witch and it is my kryptonite.

All kidding aside, it’s part of the same family as the tomato and the potato. (Wikipedia truly is a life saver) It’s considered to be a berry. I would much prefer blackberries and raspberries to the eggplant. The Lady eggplant must be the awkward less elegant albeit pear shaped older sister in the berry family. She’d be the last one to get married, that’s for sure. But she does have a sense of style. Our lady wears many dresses, as there are varieties that are yellow, light green, dark purple.  But, eggplant provides the highest nicotine content of all the vegetables. So I guess there’s no need for the cigarette after copulation. Or less need for a cigarette after dinner for the unfortunate smokers.

Consult the eggplant Wiki here: for yet more factual information.

Below you will find a link to the most common eggplant recipes provided by our friends at Wikipedia.

Epicurious also proposes quite a few recipes using the eggplant (though I hope I will not be faced with the same result as with the silky white purée)

I consulted to pursue my eggplant research and discovered how to recognize men eggplant and female eggplants. Male eggplants have less seeds and female plants are indented (
Now that I’ve met you lady eggplant and that I know it might be best to aim for Lord eggplant to avoid the seeds, I will purchase you again. I have not said my last word on the subject. We shall meet again…over a hot skillet after you will have been properly salted and degorged. 

The floor is now open, you have the mike

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