Lazy and sick on a wednesday, don’t just go for frozen pizza

It’s a Wednesday night.
It’s cold and dreary outside.
All a sane person wants to do is laze around and watch a movie (preferably with plenty of explosives and a few nice shots of washboard abs)
It’s also a weeknight and you just don’t want to cook.
The easiest thing would be to throw a frozen pizza into the oven.


Why not take the opportunity to transport yourself to a pub without the expense
Start by uncapping a beer for yourself.
Come on, do it.
Then, do what follows.
You can make a really elaborate version or a really simple version (my kids love the chips and the cheese)

1 huge bag of corn tortilla chips
Grated cheese
Any veggie that you cut finely (tomatoes, onions, green onions, peppers of all kinds)
Some olives if you like them

Preheat oven at 400
Dump all ingredients in a pan 
Bake for 30 minutes

Picture from

Serve with ripe avocados.

Tune some Caribbean music (Bob Marley is a personal favorite)

Your weeknight WILL become a weekend night.
If you want to make it magical, ask the kids to go put on their bathing suits.
Even homework will be more fun.

Note, this also works for an empty fridge scenario.
You’re fridge is empty. All you have is a bag of grated cheese and some tortilla chips as well as one can of beer. Dump ’em in a pan, Bake them and eat. It’s not elegant but it’s effective.


2 thoughts on “Lazy and sick on a wednesday, don’t just go for frozen pizza

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