Chicken Soup for the Heart

As the city gets buried under snow, it’s time to hide in our homes, put on comfy p.j.’s and make the ultimate comfort food: Chicken Soup.

As you know, Chicken soup warms the soul and warms the hearth.
It imbues the home with beautiful smells.

Chicken soup does not have proven healing properties.
However, it is a Doctor Mom approved remedy.

 If you use store bought, you risk a surplus of sodium.
It truly is better to make your own.

Chicken soup can provide a nice serving of calcium if you leave the chicken carcass in the broth while the lovely soup simmers.

1 Onion
5 Celery stalks
All the celery leaves
5 Carrots
1 Free Range Organic chicken
1 Bag of small pasta
Water to cover the chicken
1 Bay leaf
1 small bunch of flat leaf parsley or Coriander

As prep work: 
Finely chop the onions, the celery, the carrots
Finely chop the coriander or parsley
Reserve half the carrots and the celery
Reserve half the coriander and parsley
Break the chicken into a few pieces (Breasts, Back, Thighs, Carcass and neck) there’s great flavour in the neck
Slowly roast the onions until they caramelize (they need to become sweet)
Incorporate the celery and the carrots
Liberally salt and pepper the chicken
Add the water
Liberally salt and pepper the water
Add the Chicken
Add the bay leaf
Simmer over the oven at very low temperature for 3 hours
Remove the chicken carcass, the chicken neck and the chicken pieces
Break the chicken pieces into bite sized portions
Throw away the carcass and the neck
Remove the chopped celery and carrots

The final steps
Add the chicken pieces
Add the pasta
Add half the parsley or coriander
Add the remaining half of carrots and celeri
Simmer for 1 hour

Serving instructions
Serve with chopped parsley and coriander along with a nice slice of bread

The result:
A smell and a taste that will be sure to put a smile on your face

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