My Worst Kitchen Accidents: Cold breaded calamari

The day I moved in with my husband, people helped us move.
I was 21 at the time and I wanted to prove I could cook.
So I tried my hand at breaded calamari.
I managed to successfully clean and then make the calamari rings.
I breaded the rings properly as well.

Here was the kicker:
The fishmonger told me you should only cook for 5 minutes, otherwise, it will taste like rubber. 

So I put the pan on the stove, plopped in the oil and started the timer.
After 5 minutes, I removed the calamari and removed the excess fat through a napkin.
I then served the calamari.

It was uncooked and raw tasting.

I learned from my mistakes and now heat up the pan and the oil properly before depositing the calamari.


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