Link between Pesticide Consumption and ADHD

The use of pesticides in our foods can have nasty side effects though it makes sense from an economical standpoint as a way to guarantee crop yields. 

As I was researching on Sweet Bell Peppers, here’s what I uncovered. 

A recent study published in the Journal Of the American Academy of pediatrics found a link between ADHD and the consumption of pesticides. (
What Cooksploratrice will do?
For the next month, all of my family’s fruits and veggies will be organic (Except for the 12 foods that are deemed safe by environmentalists). I will then inform you of our wellness along the way. 
I will mention the cost of the groceries as well and the difference in our well being and our sense of fullness after meals. 
Are you with me? Is anyone else willing to undertake the Conversion to Organic Challenge? 

The floor is now open, you have the mike

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