The role for best supporting actor: Not the Eggplant

So I’ve been studying the eggplant for so long now that I feel like it’s all I read or talk about.
And after having eaten a lunch of fried eggplant (gross), botched moussaka (grosser) and my eggplant ratatouille, I’m maxed out of eggplants.

I have to say that I have not fallen in love with the purple veggie.
I will aim for purple broccoli for my purple color fix (we’re supposed to eat veggies of all colors and purple is a good color) or even purple potatoes.

I tried to create Eggplant Fries. It was my own creation. But don’t you worry, if I write a cookbook one day, this disaster will not be in it.

My recipe consisted of:
Disgorging the eggplants (chop finely, salt each side carefully and rest on a tray for 30 minutes per side)
Pat the disgorged eggplant dry
Then chop the eggplant rings into rectangles
Warm a skillet and drop in some good olive oil.
Salt and pepper to taste

What went wrong:
I salted the eggplant too much
and eggplant on its own is just disgusting

Conclusion: eggplant can be good with a nice veggie star like the tomato or the potato but on its own, it’s just a bland yucky thing.

So Lady Tomato or Lord Potato, prepare your Oscar Night speech. I do not see a silver statuette in Lady  Eggplant’s immediate future.

Eggplant 2: Cooksploratrice: 1


One thought on “The role for best supporting actor: Not the Eggplant

  1. sorry to hear you haven't found a way to enjoy eggplant – it is great when it works – I tried a moussaka last year that worked really well and I have a favourite roast eggplant salad too that I don't make much because I can't be bothered with the roasting

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