Orange and Fennel Salad

Orange and Fennel Salad

For the New Year 2012 feast, I was asked to cook at least a classic that everyone would like.
So I of course baked my chicken (I bought three big family packs of chicken breasts and back and there were NO left overs)
My chicken with the crispy skin is actually quite fatty.
So I wanted something fresh to counterbalance the fattiness of the chicken.
I decided to make an orange and fennel salad.

8 oranges
2 fennels
Olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

chop the fennel and oranges in even sized chunks
Combine ingredients in a pretty salad bowl
add a splash of olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

The reviews: 
Suzie and Greg do not like fennel so they gave the salad three stars
Fred enjoyed the salad because the fennel taste was not too strong (3.5)
I loved it and would make it quite often (4.5 stars)

Give it a try and let me know how it turns out for you!


The floor is now open, you have the mike

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