Russian Tea Cakes (Kourabiedes)

The recipe for these cookies came, once again, from Jacqueline Bellefontaine’s book “Cookies Galore”.
I was looking for a recipe that would really let me use rose water.
Rose water is used a lot in Middle Eastern pastries and every attempt I’ve made to use rose water has not had enough of the rose taste. I wanted to make a big batch so that I could distribute to plenty of coworkers in cubiculeland to promote my blog.
The recipe below includes my substitutions so it’s my version of Kourabiedes.

1 cup of soy margarine
4 tablespoons of rose water
2 cups of confectioners sugar
1 cup 1/2 of all purpose flour
1 cup ground chestnuts (1 pound of chestnuts)
1/2 cup of slivers of almond slivers

Boil the chestnuts for 40 minutes
Peel the skins off the chestnuts (make sure you only keep the yellows)
Grind the chestnuts in the food processor with 1 cup of the confectioners sugar
Cream the margarine
Add the rose water
Beat until nice and uniform
Add the flour, the ground chestnuts with sugar, the almond slivers
Serve into small balls or large crescents depending on preference
Dust with confectioners’ sugar

Serve with tea or coffee

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