Russian Tea Cakes Picture

This is the end result.
Straight from my kitchen.
On its way to cubiculeland for multiple deliveries.

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8 thoughts on “Russian Tea Cakes Picture

  1. Sorry, but not your best cookies!!! I realize that I don't really like 'Rose Water'Next time you should use Phoebe's grandma friend "Nestle Toulouse" chocolate chip cookie recipe!G

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed them on the other hand! Very different from conventional cookies that I've tasted but yet they hit the spot very nicely. Thanks!Stephane Lalancette

  3. Thanks for the cookie Marie-Claude! The taste was fine, just people shouldn't expect anything too sweet from this recipe. Reminds me of an Italian cookie one of my family members makes. This would go great with an espresso. Personally though I'm not a fan of the texture of these types of cookies but in the end it's not a bad cookie!

  4. I really enjoyed these cookies! They reminded me of “sable” which I LOVE!! I could eat 2 or 3 easy! Thanks again for the afternoon break!

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