Blood oranges, a friendlier Sicilian export than the Italian mafia.

In the deep of winter, when frost is doing a lot more than just nipping at our noses, the weather starts warming considerably in other parts of the world and we start seeing all sorts of shades of yellows and oranges in the fruit aisle at the grocery store. I call this time of year “The revenge of citrus fruit.”

There is a lesser known variety that is absolutely lovely and it’s the blood orange.

Blood orange from sunkist website

The blood orange has a sweeter taste than its paler cousin. It is also seedless.
The fruit gets tinted by a red hue over cooler winter nights.
It makes for a beautiful presentation in a fruit salad and is also a pretty cool snack.
It’s a great walker cooler conversation starter since most people are not familiar with the ruby colored fruit.

It’s blood orange season from January to March.
So, pick up a Moro, a Sanguinello or a Tarocco orange today.
You will not regret it.

Let’s open the floor for comments
Have you tried a blood orange?
Did you like it?
Do you aim to try a blood orange?
Robin, will you find some in Lachute (it should be easier than the dragon fruit)?
Catherine, did you know that the blood orange was your kin?
What recipes have you made with blood oranges?


9 thoughts on “Blood oranges, a friendlier Sicilian export than the Italian mafia.

  1. I have not seen any Sicilian oranges on the market and they are usually here as early as December or January. We are in February 2012 and there is still no sign of them here. Has the season begun? was it late?

      • Hello G. Hakim, in the province of Quebec, we started getting blood oranges right after New Year’s Eve. The season might have been slightly delayed. Where is Duval? There is Duval, Saskatchewan in Canada. There is also a Duval county in Florida.
        Keep posting. 🙂

      • Lol, Duval is my cooksplorateur way of saying Laval, QC. There have been blood oranges since New Years but they are not from Sicily, they are from the USA! I need help.

  2. Long ago Oranges came from China. I find some from China in the supermarket, they are mini mandarine oranges and a whole box goes for a few dollars.

      • Well Cooksploratrice, the Italian oranges are here every year around this time and they are usually more affordable and natural than the American ones. I looked into it and they should be in certain markets in two weeks from here. They are not sold everywhere as are the American ones, but I know where to find them. ♥!

  3. So by the way, cookspli, I ended up buying some Italian Oranges and they were more expensive a few weeks ago but now that they are getting ‘soft’ (nice way of saying rotting), they are on sale! They are not all rotten by the way lol but I bought a few bozes and had to throw a few out. Some slightly damaged ones are totally 100% edible if you are a orange amateur like me.

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