Breakfast in Bed, a lovely tradition

For mother’s day, nothing is as important to me as having breakfast in bed.
I talk about looking forward to it days ahead of time to make sure no one quite forgets.
If they do forget, there is hell to pay. But, they don’t forget.

It’s a lovely tradition we’ve had ever since I was pregnant with baby number 1 (11 years ago)
Since then, the tradition has grown by leaps and bounds and we now have breakfast in bed for my daughter’s birthday, for my birthday as well as for mother’s day. It’s a girl thing really.

There is something absolutely decadent about lounging in bed and reading the paper while the men of the household work on household tasks. As mothers, wives and professional career women, we juggle so many things. It’s important to get to live these lovely moments where life slows down. You should enjoy every second of the down time.

Opening the floor for comments:
What traditions do you have in your household for birthdays and mother’s day?
Are you a fan of breakfast in bed?
Are there more traditions we should implement?
As a guy, do you have your own traditions that you enjoy (poker night, boys night out, etc.)
To your keyboards, cooksploratrice community.


The floor is now open, you have the mike

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