Healthy Soup of the week: Napa Cabbage and Ground turkey soup

First and foremost, my weight loss goals of the previous week were not reached (as long as there’s progress, I’m happy, there was no progress, I’m NOT happy) despite lesser calories and more exercise. The cookies no one liked did not help as I do not like to throw food. I might need to rethink my Cookie night Thursdays or at least make sure everyone will like them so that I do not get an excuse to munch away. So, I needed an even lesser calorie alternative for my lunch time soup. Enter the Napa cabbage with its 16 calories per 100 gram of fresh leaves (

Beef stock
Ground turkey
1 Napa cabbage
2 tablespoons Dijon mustard

Cooking instructions:
Bake the ground turkey in a big pot with the Dijon mustard
Once properly cooked through, add the chopped Napa cabbage
Add 1 box of beef stock
If the cabbage is not completely covered, add water.
Simmer on low heat for 3 hours
Serve with croutons

Napa Cabbage and Ground Turkey Soup

The result:
Delicious broth (does not taste or smell like cabbage)

Let’s open the floor for comments:
Have you cooked with the Napa cabbage?
Have you had a bad week with no results in terms of weight loss?
How do you deal with the bummer feeling?
Cooksploratrice community, to your keyboards.


4 thoughts on “Healthy Soup of the week: Napa Cabbage and Ground turkey soup

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  2. I picked a fresh napa cabbage from my garden last week and made this soup. It was fantastic, just what I needed to get over the flu bug. The broth was the best part. Thanks for the recipe.

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