All I want for my birthday

Today is my birthday.
For the moment, my birthday sucks!
So I feel today like my birthday candle is a tiny sputtering flame

So what do we do when life throws us dung?
We reboot.

I will get up.
I will NOT clean the dishes
I will NOT cook dinner.
I will NOT think about projects or helicopters.
I will shutdown the computer and hit the treadmill.
Once I’m exhausted, I will shower.
And then, suddenly, magically, dinner will be made and the kids will be calm.
And then, the day will suddenly be the day it should have been.
I’m not dreaming. If I run long enough, it will happen.
I will have taken back the day!

So, for those of you that had a crappy Monday, or a crappy start of birthday, I say reboot.

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