5$ Chickens is too expensive if it is unpalatable.

I purchased 2 whole chickens this weekend.
2 for 10$
I cooked the chicken like I usually do, but this time, everyone spat it out.
You just knew that this animal did not live a farm experience but was raised in an extremely industrial context. I will never buy 2 chickens for 10$ again.

Let’s open the floor for discussions.
Why is chicken so uneven in quality?
How are they even able to raise chickens and sell them for 10$ (factoring in the transportation fee and the profit for the grocery store)
What do they even feed this chicken?
Have you had bad experiences with chicken before?
What would be the fair price for good farm raised chicken?
Can families afford good farm raised chicken?

You have the floor.











The floor is now open, you have the mike

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