Rustic Stew

I woke up one morning and was looking for a simple rustic stew to serve for my family.
Typically, my stews always have Guinness in them, giving my stews a distinctly Irish flair.

I was aiming for something that was more North-American.

1 Box chicken stock
Green Beans
Beef cubes
White mushrooms
2Tbsp all purpose flour
2Tbsp butter

rustic Stew

Cooking Instructions:
In a large Le Creuset cooking pot, make a roux by slowly cooking the butter and the flour together until the color darkens slightly

Then, incorporate the beef cubes and let them sear on all sides
Add the chicken stock
Cut the green beans in half
Cut the mushrooms in half (keep the mushrooms whole, they look adorable and have a lovely feel in your mouth)
Cut the carrots in threes
Simmer on low heat for three hours

Serve with rice or homemade biscuits
ps: I have never made homemade biscuits but a distinctly american stew deserves biscuits, don’t you think?

Let’s open the floor for discussions:
Do you like rustic meals in the winter?
What is your favorite rustic meal?
Do you like stew?
What is your favorite stew?
Do you also tend to put Guinness in your stew?
Do you appreciate slow cooked meals?


2 thoughts on “Rustic Stew

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    • Hello will,

      I try to make plenty of recipes for a procrastinator.
      If you need tips with any recipes or inspiration, please drop me a line.
      I love your idea of friendship through food.
      What are your favorite foods?
      What do you find interesting right now in the world of food?
      Who will you cheer for tomorrow?

The floor is now open, you have the mike

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