Grocery Lists, Meal Planning and getting ready for the week ahead

First, let me start with the good news.
Since last week, I have lost 3 pounds.
In three weeks, I will have lost 4 pounds.
My 55 minutes of cardio combined to increased veggie intake is bearing fruit.
I am in a good mood on this Sunday morning.
Sundays are my favorite day of the week.

As a busy mom, entrepreneur, productive participant in cubiculeland, I live and die by to do lists: lists of things to try, lists of foods to buy, list of meals to eat, lists of shows to watch, lists of books to read, lists of books my kids should read, lists of blogs and websites I should follow. I am a listapaloozan. It’s a disease really. There are post-its all over my house, my Franklin Covey at work is chock full of lists and reminders.

The first list I do on Sunday morning is the grocery list and the meal plan of the week. This week, here’s my plan of things to eat:

Sunday night: Spinach Kachoris and Smoked Salmon (girls are all alone, guys at Superbowl party)
Monday night: Tofu sausages with rice
Tuesday night: Tomato and beef stew
Wednesday night: junk food (mom works late so it’s daddy’s night to cook)
Thursday night: Strip steak with roasted potatoes
Friday night: Cheese, bacon and tomato omelet  (Friday nights are breakfast nights in the Cooksploratrice household

For my lunches of the week:
Fassolada (White bean soup with plenty of veggies)

Recipes of the week for the Cooksploratrice blog:
Spinach kachoris
Chipits cookie recipe

Once the lists are done, I hand them off to my hubby who then purchases the goods.  Why do I not purchase the produce myself? Because if I go and get the groceries, I will buy so much more because I will want to try new things and then we will end up throwing so much food away because I will not have time to cook everything. Simply put, it’s too expensive if I go. I’m like a shopaholic that way. However, when we are making a special meal, I happily go buy the food because I get to pick what is required. But, I would never go without a list, that would be hazardous to my wallet.

Let’s open the floor for discussions:
Are you also a listapaloozan?
Who buys the groceries in your household?
Who makes the lists?
When you make the lists, do you stick to them?
Who cooks?  What’s your meal plan for the week?
Do you also have a special night for specific foods (like our Friday breakfast, our usual Monday fish and our Sunday morning pancakes)?

I’d love a lively Sunday morning debate.


4 thoughts on “Grocery Lists, Meal Planning and getting ready for the week ahead

  1. My wife and I do most of our grocery shopping on Saturday. She does have a list but I like to see what produce, meats, and fish look good to me. Our weekly meal plan is done on Sundays. Friday is usually our easy or go out night because I am usually to tired to cook and look to make it an easy night.

    • Hello Denlyn3,
      It’s lovely to see that you shop as a couple and you plan your meals as a couple.
      Do you two also cook together?
      So, what’s the meal plan like this week?
      When you go out on Fridays, which types of restaurants do you tend to visit?
      Do you have favorites?
      Would you be willing to post a review?
      What type of fish and produce are you usually most interest in?

      I’m so happy you commented. I want the cooksploratrice blog to become a lively dynamic interactive community. Please keep checking in, comment often and let me know if you’d be willing to do a guest post.

  2. I do 95% of the cooking and on occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas we cook together.
    Meal plan this week
    Sunday Superbowl food while the Patriots win.
    Monday Butternut squash ravioli topped with sauteed vegetables
    Tuesday Chicken sausage with brussel sprouts sauteed with artichoke hearts
    Wednesday Mexican spiced chicken breast with black beans and broccoli
    Thursday Chicken breast topped with feta, brown rice and swisschard
    Friday Tortilla Pizza
    Saturday Your Napa Cabbage and Ground turkey soup
    As far as restaurants we like the small mom and pop type, better food and prices. One of our favorite areas is the Escondido area near San Diego. We have found lot’s of small very cool eateries that we always end up coming back to.
    Fish is tough in our house, my wife really doesn’t like it and I have to be real picky on how I prepare it. We have found that if I bake the fish she doesn’t feel it taste “fishy”.
    I would be happy to participate in any way.

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