For my soup of the week, I wanted something warm and filling.

I also have been feeling very Greek this week. Mind you, I have not broken any plates.
I don’t know if, due to the cold weather outside, I long for the beauty of Santorini with its aquamarine waters and the white rooftops. (I have never been but it’s a dream of mine)
Greek cuisine is marvelous as it typically contains plenty of vegetables. A Greek family will typically eat red meat or fish only once a week. Is that not awesome? We should all aim to do the same.

This soup just screams for lovely mezzé (accompaniments) such as feta cubes, lovely tangy Kalamata olives or a nice slice of crusty bread with some tzatziki. It would go beautifully with a glass of red wine.

Fassolada Soup
4 carrots
4 celery stalks
1 bag of white navy beans
2 white onions
5 ripe tomatoes
1 leek
laurel leaves

cooking instructions:
In a pot, drop the beans and cover with water
Bring the navy beans to a boil
Cook for 15 minutes
In a soup pot, cook the onions, the garlic with the carrots and the celery until there is caramelization
Add-in the pre-cooked navy beans
Cover with water
Finely chop the leaks and fry
Serve the soup with the fried leaks on top

The taste test: 
This soup was beautiful.
I felt great after having eaten the soup.
I felt full for a few hours.

Let’s open the floor for discussions:
Have you been to Santorini?
What are your memories of Greece?
What are your favorite mezzé?
Do you like vegetarian cuisine?
Do you want to try this recipe?





10 thoughts on “Fassolada

  1. I love vegetarian cuisine. I discovered fassolada just yesterday when I visited a new restaurant/caterer on st-denis. The owner is a lady and she makes homecooked type meals and deserts from a small shop. The food looks very healthy and fresh and it is affordable. I took a good look around the place and finally bought a cookie, I think it is an almond type cookie covered in icing sugar she said it is a typical Greek recipe. You must go visit her store Cookspi, she just openned, it is worth it, let me know if you want the address I left it at home. Or, if you are the swinger type, check it out for yourself on st-denis between roy and duluth. ;)!

      • The address is 3929 st-denis, it is a demi-basement next to 3927 st-denis. You cannot miss it, the sign is blue and the place is called ilios. You will Love your visit, the food is homemade style with a look that is professional, not too professional it has a home feeling, like a big wedding where everybody is happy for ever and ever, amen. I bought a cookie foe $2 and will return for fassolada and eventually a chocolate covered baklava ($3).

      • Thanks Cookspi, it is worth it. I think the address is actually 3922 st-denis but anyway you cannot miss it, it is a semi-basement.

      • I was in Montreal yesterday for a show and we wanted to eat at a restaurant afterwards but there was NO parking. So we drove back home and ate frozen pizza. It was still a great evening because it was a night out with my hubby.

      • NUTS, nuts, nuts! I should have told you that it is a catering type place and you can eat fresh food there but she also has meals to go and some are frozen but they are all fresh. You could have taken something to go but somebody would have had to stay put while the other explored. Another time! Keep in touch! :)!

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