Morning Java

I love a hot cup of coffee in the morning.
The sky seems clearer, the day seems sunnier.
Everything seems a lot more positive with my morning java.

Hot Cup of Starbucks Coffee

Let’s Open the Floor for discussions:

Are you a coffee drinker?
Do you prefer to drink tea?
Are you a Starbucks aficionado?
Or a Tim Horton’s aficionado?
Do you have a coffee machine, a percolator, a k-cup dispensing machine or a t-cup dispensing machine?
How many cups of joe do you consume in a day?

Let’s make it all about coffee/tea this morning.



4 thoughts on “Morning Java

  1. I Love good coffee. I use to buy Starbucks and Tims but not any longer except on occasions. I make a half pitcher of french press (bodum) coffee in the morning. I buy good quality coffee beans and I bought a travel size hand held manual coffee bean grinder, I grind the beans in the morning right before making the coffee. I buy high quality coffee beans from my ‘spot’ and it hits the spot. If you think about the cost of a cup of joe already made from the store it will cost 2 to 5 $ on average (I estimate), that is the cost of a pitcher or half a pitcher of french press top gourmet coffee made at home. I bought a Hario (Japanese brand, grinder made in China) hand-held grinder for $30 and there are bigger models for $100 or so. So far so Great! Keep in touch, Cookspi! :)!

The floor is now open, you have the mike

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