Cupid’s Favorite Foods

Today, most couples around the world will be celebrating Valentine’s day.
Restaurants will be fully booked.
Flower shops will make more money today than on mother’s day.
189 million stems of red roses are sold on this day. (’s_Day)

36 million heart shaped chocolate boxes are sold on V day (

26% of Americans do not celebrate Valentine’s day.

At cooksploratrice, we find valentine’s day to be as good an excuse as any to go all out.
It might be extremely commercial but I don’t give a fidge about that.
I like the concept ergo I do celebrate valentine’s day.

As a matter of fact, we should invent more types of days to celebrate:

  • Mother daughter day
  • Father son day
  • Spoil yourself rotten day
  • Dog day
  • Cat day
  • Ditch work day
  • No electricity day

So, what’s my Valentine’s Day philosophy?

Spa Le Finlandais in Rosemere

The most important thing to do on this weekend is to spend time with your loved ones.
For the single people out there, that could mean going out with your friends or treating yourself to a spa day.

You need to Indulge. Indulge yourself or indulge your loved ones.
You need to aim for complete decadence. So what are the most decadent foods? My personal decadent treasure chest is comprised of:

-martinis (preferably litchi)
-dark chocolate pudding
-tart raspberries
-Pink champagne

Let’s open the floor for discussion:

What are your favorite indulgences?

Will you celebrate Valentine’s day?

What other type of day would you invent?

Do you like pink champagne? and Litchi martini’s?

Tell us about your plans for the day? or for the weekend?


The floor is now open, you have the mike

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