Poll results: Cooksploratrice Audience

For the most part, you are a woman in your 30’s, though not a mother, with a job in corporate Canada. You are concerned about food. You are an omnivore. 40% of the audience is masculine and 40% of you are American.

Now that I know who you like, I want to know what your interests are.

Stay tuned for the next poll which will aim to uncover your food passions as well as your hobbies.

I’m so glad we’re getting acquainted. We’ll be able to focus our content on your interests as well.

My main takeaway so far, I have not talked enough about meat or fish.

This will change. The more you comment, the more you let me know your interests, the more I will be able to write stuff you care about.

Let’s open the floor for discussions: 

Who are you really? Would you care to specify your age, nationality, current living situation, top food interests? Your food pet peeves?


The floor is now open, you have the mike

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