A lovely Valentine’s Day Tradition

Every year, we celebrate le jour de l’amour (the day of love) with a nice tapas dinner.

We dress up as if we were going to an extremely expensive restaurant and we set the table in the most proper fashion possible.

This year, my daughter even brought us to our seats.

We listen to classical music during the meal and the kids stay seated for the duration which is quite a feat in my household.

The menu this year: 

Greek Salad with espelette pepper vinaigrette (homemade)

Crusty Bread and Tuna Carpaccio

Crusty Bread and Smoked Salmon Carpaccio

Bacon wrapped asparagus,  sesame seed topping

Pork loin with brie and cranberry filling

Fingerling potatoes topped with feta gratin

Yogurt with fresh blueberries

My Valentine’s Day Gift

I had a pair of mittens which I loved and that help fund the Canadian Olympics team and I lost one of the mittens. My daughter got me a replacement pair. I was so happy. This is proof positive that sometimes, it does not cost much to make people happy.


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