New Cooksploratrice Banner

I have a new banner.

It was developed by my husband and I think it reflects me and the topics I discuss.

I’d love to hear your comments about the new banner.


11 thoughts on “New Cooksploratrice Banner

  1. I like it ‘cept for the utensils in the chef hats, I think that symbol could be improved. They could be replaced with vegetables for instance, eg. broccoli, carrot, celery. Unless you work for the utensil company. Lol. 😉

  2. I love the graphic in the middle. i think the photo on the right is great too. While those cookies on the left look insanely delicious, I think you might be able to find a better photo for your header. Hope this helps!

  3. I like it! A couple of suggestions, if I may:
    Do get rid of the blue M&M’s in the cookies; use only the orange, brown, and green ones. Perhaps, use a picture of cupcakes or something else sweet with more 3D effects to match the right side.
    By the same token, you are missing brown colors in the picture on the right hand side.
    I would keep the chef hats white, with no symbols.

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