The importance of the Timer in the Kitchen, the invention of Prairie Muffins

As a sometimes frazzled mom, it’s extremely difficult to keep an eye on everything from kids doing homework to kids reading while cleaning the kitchen and keeping an eye on the timer to avoid burning some baked goods that you slaved over.

I did just this mistake again this morning and as a result of having let my muffins bake for a long stretch of time, I am now faced with deflated overly dark muffins. Deflated muffins are just as tasty but not quite as appetizing. Thank heavens I did not try to make a soufflé! Once again, I will turn that frown upside down.

I will make up a neat name for them and the kids will be none the wiser. How about Flat Muffins? I could even call them Prairie muffins in honor of the landscape in the Canadian Prairies (you can guess it’s mainly flat.) Then, when I’ll serve them, I should have a map of the Prairies close by. That’s what you call food marketing baby!

As modern adults, we’re expected to excel at everything and to not let anything fall by the wayside. This adds lots of pressure and represents a threat to one’s sanity and peace of mind.

In order to succeed at something, you need to tilt the odds in your favor. To do so, you should aim to unite all the possible winning conditions. One should aim for a quiet kitchen when cooking baked goods. When this is impossible, have a few fake names ready for the potential kitchen disaster. Crisis averted!


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