Diaper Pasta, I love you Emilie.

I’ve often talked about my daughter and how she has an extremely delicious sense of humor. Tonight, I again had a perfect example. I will share the dialogue, as it happened.

Scene start 

I am in the car driving Emilie home from school. I am listening to Adele Rolling in the deep.

“Mom, you don’t usually listen to music in the car”

-It depends on my mood. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Most of the time, I’m thinking about while I’ll write on my blog and I verbalize that in the car.

-Mom, so you talk to yourself?

-Yes, as part of my creative process, I do

-So, you sit in the car and you start trying recipes?

-Yes, I do.

-So, you’re driving and you’ll talk about bacon burgers.

-Yes, I will.

-and about tomatoes and cucumbers.

-Yes. Yes.

-And about diaper pasta


She starts laughing. “I got you mom. Diaper Pasta. Not something your blog audience would like to read about”

I love you Emilie. You brighten up my days.


6 thoughts on “Diaper Pasta, I love you Emilie.

  1. I read the online definition of diaper and it also means:
    diaper [ˈdaɪəpə]
    1. the US and Canadian word for nappy1
    2. (Clothing, Personal Arts & Crafts / Textiles)
    a. a woven pattern on fabric consisting of a small repeating design, esp diamonds
    b. fabric having such a pattern
    c. such a pattern, used as decoration

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