Poll Results: Shortening in Cookies

The response rate for this poll was very low so I will assume that the subject is not particularly interesting to all but a precious few. To my surprise, 66% of you prefer to make your cookies with shortening.

This brings me to a follow-up question: Do you prefer shortening because it is by definition room temperature and easier to work with? Do you tend to disregard butter for health reasons? Do you find shortening requires less of an arm workout?

In general, cookies made with shortening tend to be crisper, cookies made with butter tend to be softer and spread more, and cookies made with butter tend to brown easier. (http://www.preparedpantry.com/butter-oil-or-shortening.htm)

From a health standpoint, it would be much safer to use prune purée or apple sauce. (http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/healthy-recipes/NU00585) Though I have not tried these substitutions as yet so cannot recommend one over the other. Since I am also aiming to lose weight, it would be wiser to not spend as much time focusing on cookies so definitely, healthy substitutions would be a smart direction.

Let’s discuss!



4 thoughts on “Poll Results: Shortening in Cookies

      • Well, Cookspi, I like to cook a lot but I do not cook very much on my spare time. I use to make myself salads religiously, I Love salads. I like to cook but it is too time consuming for me to cook a lot. When I whip something up it somes down to washing and cutting and cooking vegetables and thowing that in with rice or pasta or fish… I don’t resort to junk food though.

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