Hunger Games Menu?

Hunger Games Feast, Does that make you hungry?

The folks at fictional have put together a menu for a Hunger Games Party.

This picture is pretty interesting to look at. I am love the colors, it looks like jewels on a plate.


Too busy reading the Hunger Games to post

I’ve started reading the Hunger Games and can’t stop. The trilogy is that good. It’s heartbreaking and stark yet beautiful.

I’m barely taking care of my responsibilities because all I want to do is read. I will also make a point of seeing the movie this weekend. If you have not read the books, order them online now.

Middle Earth’s Inner Beauty: New Zealand from the eye of Peter Jackson

Photo Gallery: International Road Trips — National Geographic.

Photo Gallery: International Road Trips -- National Geographic

People of Middle Earth, enjoy this scene of total beauty. Enjoy Mount Doom in a non-cinematographic context.

Starbucks K-Cups Are Here! Thank You Starbucks!

Ok! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

I’m quite the Starbucks fanatic and have been waiting impatiently for my Starbucks K-Cups. I also tend to appreciate coffee. Do they not say when you go black, you never go back? I think it’s true for coffee. I now have Sumatra K-cups and French roast K-cups. This morning, I tried the Sumatra variety and it was dark and suitably woodsy even in a travel mug. It had a lovely bitterness and I was able to stay fully awake and vibrant the whole day.

Starbucks K-cup offering


A Zen Moment Before The Week Goes Loco


Let’s take a nice walk and enjoy the springtime. Let’s take a plane and make a quick stop in South Korea to admire this stream. Enjoy the zen moment before the craziness of a new week really starts.

A small island of tranquility in the buzz of downtown

South Korea Picture – City Photo – National Geographic Photo of the Day.


Have a great week cooksploratrice community!

Sheppard’s Pie

An Irish recipe from an Irish man with a heart of gold. It can only be good, right?

Dad Can Cook

Sheppard’s Pie

This is a traditional Irish dish and very appropriate to serve on St. Patrick’s Day.  In case you don’t know, I am Irish.


Olive oil

4 Large potatoes, peeled and boiled

1 tbsp. grated parmesan

½ yellow onion, chopped fine

3 carrots, chopped fin

1.2 red pepper, chopped fine

2 garlic cloves, chopped fine

2 lb. ground beef (85%)

Rosemary, fresh, chopped

Parsley, fresh, chopped

1 cup red wine

1 cup chicken stock

2 tbsp. tomato paste

Salt and pepper to taste




Mash the potatoes, add butter and milk.  Mash until smooth, add more milk if needed.  Season with pepper.

In a skillet add olive oil and heat over medium heat.  Add carrots and cook for two minutes.  Add onion and red pepper, cook for one minutes.  Add garlic and cook for 30 seconds, season with salt and pepper.  Remove to a bowl.


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Cassie Craves’s Cake Batter Recipe

A must read: