Your France Photos — National Geographic

Canal du Midi

Your France Photos — National Geographic.

These pictures make me dream of lovely crusty red and drinking red wine on a terrasse while watching the French walk by.

It makes me want to book a plane ticket for Gai Paris right now! Who’s with me?

Let’s take a cooksploratrice plane and discover French cuisine together (ensembles)

I’d love to travel with some of my readers.


13 thoughts on “Your France Photos — National Geographic

  1. That is awesome! I was thinking of a trip to Paris the other day. There is a Cuban cigar made for the french market called Quai d’Orsay. Lol, The brand is not very popular so you can maybe find it only there and in Cuba. It is a tasty cigar though, it is light and tasty. I smoke the occasional cigar. Cigar is on of those bad habits I am not quite ready to kick.

  2. You should sign up to the News letter on , cookspli. I receive the newsletter once every so often and it is sent to promote France. Sometimes the focus is on wine or on nature or on the city. You should sign up it is a nice free newsletter and you can unsubscribe anytime.

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