Doomsday Menu for Foodies


Coq au Vin

Doomsday Menu for Foodies – Doomsday Preppers – National Geographic Channel.

2012 is supposed to be the year that heralds the end of the world. Sooner or later, something is bound to happen that will quarantine us to our homes. For us foodies, the prospect is terrifying. Eating canned goods only? NO!

This lady has created a terrific doomsday menu. Check it out!

Let’s Open the Floor for Discussions:

What do you keep in your cupboard in case you are quarantined to your household?

Do you believe in doomsday scenarios?



2 thoughts on “Doomsday Menu for Foodies

  1. I don’t worry about it, when my time comes I will be gone. There will be nothing I can do about it except go out in style by cooking a fantastic meal out of what ever we have left.

The floor is now open, you have the mike

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