My number one guilty pleasure: Irish Pubs

This week is snow week.
I had to work the whole week until today.
Tonight, I start  my vacation with the kids. I am extremely excited.
I intend to start my vacation with an Irish Cream Ale (Kilkenny is my favorite) and Irish stew from a pub.

Do you have any favorite Irish pubs? I do, it’s Tir Nan Og in Kingston for the food.

For the ambiance, I love Hurley’s on Crescent.

What are your favorite Irish foods? Are you a closet Irish like me?


2 thoughts on “My number one guilty pleasure: Irish Pubs

  1. Keep smilin’, on time for St. Patrick’s day! I hope you get lucky. Coopski, I discovered a music group called Secret Garden and it is composed of a man from Norway and a lady from Ireland. The lady made a solo album and you must check it out! You can listen to snipets online or in a record store before you buy it. Hey name is Fionualla Sherry (, the album is called Songs from Before. I use to drink in Irish pubs but i drink less today and it is too expensive, but I am an out of the closet Irishman by nature. Khalil Gibran has a monument in Boston, as the Irish say ”Erin Go Bragh”. :)! Keep smilin’.

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