Tonight’s workout…Latin Dance

Tonight, I did an oldie but a goodie.
Madonna Grime’s Fitness for beginners.

Madonna Grimes African Latin beats for beginners

She has pizzazz and she makes working out fun.

I grooved for 30 minutes. I felt great after.
Have you tried any of Madonna Grimes workout DVD’s?

ps: My butt hurts from the jogging and the workouts. It now hurts to sit. This might be the perfect motivator to workout more. Ironic, don’t you think?


To each his own amnesia

Part of the reason I gained weight is that I stopped grazing veggies during the day and got really hungry. I would then indulge on carbs.

It’s so funny! With time, we forget the basic principles, get in bad shape and then remember the principles again of rest, hydration, exercise and the importance of eating healthy with a focus on greens. It’s modern day amnesia. At least, it’s my amnesia. We might all have our particular brand of amnesia. Some struggle with sleep, or with money. They find ways to deal with their struggles and then the discipline gets lost and they indulge until they get a wake up call.

So what’s your particular inner demon focused on? What do you struggle with the most?

Let’s open the floor for discussions.

Maintaining your weight and writing a food blog, natural frenemies


When I started blogging,  I got into pastry. I loved to bake cookies.

And I ate what I baked in order to provide a review.

I ate for the pleasure of eating and not only for sustenance.

You can get away with that sometimes but not all the time.

The end result: an excuse to go shopping but not in the positive sense.

I was also so focused on writing which also means staying seated. it’s no excuse but I would basically: work, blog, play with the kids, watch TV, sleep and do it all over again. Maybe, some days, I would walk the dog.

So the bulge kept piling on and on and on.

I’m writing this so I will not forget how I feel when I stop moving. I feel so tired. The elevators seem like God’s greatest invention. When I do move, I have more energy and I am less stressed.

I went for a jog tonight. A 4K loop. My face is redder than a hothouse tomato (a reference to food, it fits with my blog) I smell like a dead skunk. (a reference to an animal that might be food in some weird corners of the Bible belt, it fits with my blog) I did not run like a gazelle. I huffed and I puffed …but I did not blow your house down.

Hot House Tomato

My plan will be to workout a little each day. My blog will be my diary for my workouts. I challenge myself to a 10K run by September…say the Army run. I will sign up for 5K runs along the way. Anybody with me?

ps: I’ll also talk about the nice veggies and white meat that I cook. I’ll focus on more savory lean foods and less on slowly cooked comfort foods. It’s fun for a while but it’s not ideal for the silhouette.

Vision of the Army Run Race

But first, a shower is a must. Catch you on the other side, when I’ll be less smelly and more rosy instead of red.

A much needed shower for a stinker


Why my silence?

So these past few weeks, I have been silent.

Silent because my blog started feeling like one more chore on my to do list.

I started focusing on stats and on the fact that I don’t want to write about food all the time.

It became so heavy. Heavy because I wanted to read other blogger’s contents, I wanted to

stay current.

Today, I’m throwing away the rule book.

I don’t care about stats anymore. I won’t try to respect every edict about blogging for dummies.

I’ll talk about food but also about TV shows, books and any other subject that strikes my fancy.

I hope you’ll join me in this new vision for my blog.

If not, you’ll be missed.