Maintaining your weight and writing a food blog, natural frenemies

When I started blogging,  I got into pastry. I loved to bake cookies.

And I ate what I baked in order to provide a review.

I ate for the pleasure of eating and not only for sustenance.

You can get away with that sometimes but not all the time.

The end result: an excuse to go shopping but not in the positive sense.

I was also so focused on writing which also means staying seated. it’s no excuse but I would basically: work, blog, play with the kids, watch TV, sleep and do it all over again. Maybe, some days, I would walk the dog.

So the bulge kept piling on and on and on.

I’m writing this so I will not forget how I feel when I stop moving. I feel so tired. The elevators seem like God’s greatest invention. When I do move, I have more energy and I am less stressed.

I went for a jog tonight. A 4K loop. My face is redder than a hothouse tomato (a reference to food, it fits with my blog) I smell like a dead skunk. (a reference to an animal that might be food in some weird corners of the Bible belt, it fits with my blog) I did not run like a gazelle. I huffed and I puffed …but I did not blow your house down.

Hot House Tomato

My plan will be to workout a little each day. My blog will be my diary for my workouts. I challenge myself to a 10K run by September…say the Army run. I will sign up for 5K runs along the way. Anybody with me?

ps: I’ll also talk about the nice veggies and white meat that I cook. I’ll focus on more savory lean foods and less on slowly cooked comfort foods. It’s fun for a while but it’s not ideal for the silhouette.

Vision of the Army Run Race

But first, a shower is a must. Catch you on the other side, when I’ll be less smelly and more rosy instead of red.

A much needed shower for a stinker



8 thoughts on “Maintaining your weight and writing a food blog, natural frenemies

  1. I walk everyday. I got the BMW (Bus Metro Walk) and I walk a good part of the way home after work on most weekdays and hikied a few mountains in Québec and went hiking in the Adirondaks once already. I like walking / hiking even before my rapidly curing ankle injury. It is a Great way to meet merchants and get familiar with the city. I can change routes and BM part of the way home and W another part ect. The possibilities are endless , dear Cookspi.

  2. I have also found that I have added a little to my middle these days and I know that I control what I cook and eat. Got to make sure I cut back on some carbs and eat a little less at dinner. Got back into my workout routine today and I have to keep it up at least three days per week. Blogging is great but got to stay fit as well.
    Good luck, you can do it.

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