Why my silence?

So these past few weeks, I have been silent.

Silent because my blog started feeling like one more chore on my to do list.

I started focusing on stats and on the fact that I don’t want to write about food all the time.

It became so heavy. Heavy because I wanted to read other blogger’s contents, I wanted to

stay current.

Today, I’m throwing away the rule book.

I don’t care about stats anymore. I won’t try to respect every edict about blogging for dummies.

I’ll talk about food but also about TV shows, books and any other subject that strikes my fancy.

I hope you’ll join me in this new vision for my blog.

If not, you’ll be missed.




8 thoughts on “Why my silence?

  1. I have to admit I peeked in from a comment you posted on another blogger because you had a foody name. Quite excited to see you willing to talk about other things. I love to share my thought on many topics, including recipes and food, even if no one reads it! Okay! I like it when people read my posted thoughts. I am only human. Have a great day!
    Peach State

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