Tomorrow, I dine at Le Pied de Cochon


Le pied de Cochon is a famous restaurant in Montreal known for its heavy use of butter, cream and pork products. I will be working out a great deal to prep for the meal. Here’s the menu. Tell me what I should order?

Pied de Cochon Restaurant Menu

We will be celebrating my brother in law’s birthday.
His name is Maxyme Roy. Happy Birthday Maxyme.

Maxyme’s Birthday


Both kids have the flu after my trip

It appears I brought more than my luggage and gifts back from China. I might have brought the flu with me (while I am not affected) Most definitely not the mementos I wanted to bring back. This brings the whole question of how to prevent that. Should I quarantine myself after a trip to an exotic country? What are your tips for preventing infecting your loved ones?

Kids have the flu

No More Jet Lag but where is the Watermelon?


I slept like a baby. Woke up refreshed with my complete brain in order.
It feels good to be among the living and non-brain dead. But, instead of drinking Chinese tea, I’m back to my two big cups of Java.

Watermelon in China is EXTREMELY TASTY. Watermelon in Canada is extremely bland. I miss Chinese Watermelons.

Watermelon in the Summer

Three Cheers for Start of Pool Season

My son is dipping his feet in the pool for the first time this season.

Summer Swimming

We will not use the oven, we will eat outside.
I love this time of year where we get to sleep late and wake up refreshed.

Yogurt Beverage against getting drunk


Yogurt Beverage against getting drunk

This is what the Chinese serve during big dinners in fancy restaurants. It coats your stomach and helps you not get sick. Pretty nifty, eh?

My favorite Chinese meal, lunch at Zhuhai hotel

We stopped at a restaurant installed in Zhuhai hotel. It was our first attempt at communal eating and we ordered way too much food. We did not even eat dinner that night as we were still quite sated from our lunch

Communal lunch at Zhuhai Hotel