Hong Kong in the rain

I ADORE Hong Kong. It’s busy, it has all sorts of sights and smells. The shopping, oh my God, the shopping. I’m not a shopaholic but if I were rich, I would come here with two empty suitcases every season. I’d fill them up and then head back home. But when it rains in Hong Kong, it rains buckets. Big globs of water that seep into your clothes. Nothing warms the body quite like tea after such a splash. I can’t wait to post pictures and share my travelogue in more details.

Last night, I felt like I was in the Blade Runner movie. I was Harrison Ford purchasing food from a street vendor in the rain. I feel like spending a week here and just walk and walk until my body can walk no more.

But, I’m also a mommy who misses her two babies and her fantastic husband. So I do want to head home as soon as I can yet I do not want to leave. If I could blink and make things happen, my family would join me in Hong Kong for a week. That way, I could get my steamed bun with green Chinese tea and eat it too.

Please remind me to tell you about the menu at the restaurant where we ate a Hot Pot last night.


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