Hong Kong= love at first sight

As stated previously, I am in Hong Kong following a week long business trip in neighboring Zhuhai. It’s quite clear that in this area of the world, consumerism reigns supreme. You are surrounded by fashionista’s in the trendiest couture. I shudder to think how much is spent in malls every day in this city. There are necklaces in jewelry stores that sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

But, that’s not all Hong Kong is. There are mountains everywhere with lovely meandering paths. There’s Victoria Peak where you can take a trolley and get a bird’s eye view of this absolutely lovely city. It smells of gardenias. There are trees everywhere. We could definitely learn a thing or two from their urban planning approach. The waterway is bustling with life. The water is aqua. This is a very modern urban city that lets you see parts of its history. You need to walk on the side roads. Do expect to go up and down a lot of stairs. I have a feeling that I’ve started a love affair with a city that will span several decades.

I did not get to spend enough time in Hong Kong this time around. But, as Arnold said, “I’ll be back”.

I promise I’ll share photos soon.
ps: Tonight, I’ll be reunited with my family which is pretty awesome.


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