Water Cress Soup from Republic of Mauritius

Mauritius’ French Name is République de Maurice. Mauritius’ main claim to fame is the Dodo bird.These birds were given a second life in the Ice Age Movies as well as in Alice in Wonderland and  the Three Cabaleros. The Dodo bird is a flightless bird.  It’s an odd looking creature which is why it was immortalized in children’s comics so much. 

The small country in the Indian ocean was initially discovered by the Portuguese and then became a Dutch colony, then a French colony and finally a British colony after the Napoleonic wars. The islands are filled with volcanic soil which makes it a paradise for agriculture. 

Sugar cane is a very popular crop on the Mascarene islands. However, the potato is becoming a fairly common type of crop as well. Water cress grows everywhere in Mauritius. You can find some by the side of the road. The Mauritians are known to take any leafy green veggie and transform it into a soup. 

The recipe is so quick and easy as well as tasty. It was created by Vivek Ramdenee and is fully explained in “À table! Recettes et secrets des cuisines du monde”

The recipe consists of three main ingredients: Chicken broth, water cress or cress, 1 potato, a few dabs of butter and a touch of cream to serve it with. It’s the perfect meal for cold winter days where the mere thought of braving the cold gives you the shivers. 

Water Cress provides us with a good source of Calcium, iodine, iron as well as folic acid. It’s a super food. It’s reported to be an anti-oxydant, a digestive aid, an expectorant and even a cancer fighter.

Apparently also, if you injure yourself and bleed, you could mix water cress with vinegar and it would stop the bleeding. At cooksploratrice, we are not devoted to our craft enough to actually make ourselves bleed in order to try the recipe. We don’t recommend you try this at home either. However, old wive’s tales have been known to work (mustard when you have a cold, etc) So I don’t see why this one would not work either. 

I will share the recipe for the soup as well pictures of the process shortly. 

But, the take home message is, some water cress every day will keep the doctor away. 

Do you have water cress recipes you would like to share with us? 






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