Desperately seeking an alternative to the Wimpy kid books

My son does not like to read generally. But he fell into the wimpy kid books like nobody’s business. He reads the whole book in one day.

Latest Wimpy Kid offering, The Third Wheel which my son read in 1 day.

I’ve been looking for alternatives now that he’s read all the Wimpy Kid books. At the Indigo bookstore, the clerk recommended the Nate books by Lincoln Pierce.

Big Nate Makes the Grade by Lincoln Pierce (as found on

I purchased a few. The jokes are a bit more intelligent than the usual Wimpy kid like jokes but they did seem funny to me. My son does not seem as taken with the books.

Did your child read the Wimpy kid books? Do you have other book suggestions that might appeal to an 11 year old? It needs to be funny. What worked for your children? I’m open to all suggestions.


The floor is now open, you have the mike

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