Satin Chicken with Ginger and Chives, Quick and Easy recipe

This is a meal that is typical of Beijing.

Wikipedia, a favorite source of information for cooksploratrice, informs us that this type of cuisine is also called Jing Cuisine or cuisine of the capital and even Mandarin cuisine.

Map of Beijing in China from China

We ate this recipe on Christmas Eve.

I liked the fact that it was not turkey or any of the traditional meals. I wanted something different.

I purchased high quality grain fed chicken from a local butcher.
I chopped the chicken into bite sized chunks.
I then coated the chicken in rice flour seasoned with salt and pepper.
I fried the chicken in a soupçon of peanut oil.
I let the excess fat drain away in scott towels.

I made a sauce of minced ginger, soy sauce, a hint of lime and finely chopped chives. I let the sauce reduce by half and I coated the chicken with the sauce.

Serve this on a bed of rice and let your taste buds rejoice.

The recipe took no more than 30 minutes to make and my guests enjoyed the flavor combination.

Beijing Satin Chicken with chives and ginger


2 thoughts on “Satin Chicken with Ginger and Chives, Quick and Easy recipe

    • Of course. The coating in rice flour is actually a really smart idea. You can use this as a precursor to any sauce. It’s also a gluten free solution which could be very useful in today’s context where food intolerance and allergies run rampant. Thank you for posting the question Gee Bone and please keep following my blog.

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