Emilie’s Blankie is dead! Help me save Emilie’s blankie.

Emilie's blanket died in the washing machine last night.

Emilie’s blanket died in the washing machine last night.

Emilie, who is now 9 years old, has slept with her blankie every day of her life. The pink and white down comforter has been stitched and restitched. Today however, after a final wash, the blankie succumbed. It cannot be saved. It is dead beyond any capacity of redemption.

What should we do with the blankie? How do we save the dead blankie for our daughter as a lovely memento of her childhood? What did you do with your own child’s blanket?

ps: Now my son, who’s 11, will not let us wash his own blanket for fear of accidental death by washing machine.

Emilie and Ben, playing with Emilie's blankie


7 thoughts on “Emilie’s Blankie is dead! Help me save Emilie’s blankie.

  1. It is a good sign. She can move to other things. It is so funny, I was speaking of this today with my grandma. She gave me a hand-woven blanket she hand made many years ago. She told me today to never wash it, she will hand-wash herself if need be. I do not use it to sleep or for warmth, I use it solely for decoration and its sentimental value.

    • I know. These are important childhood memories and they are great keep sakes. In hindsight, we should have kept it more for decoration than as an actual blanket for all these years. The washer is definitely not friendly to vintage pieces. Your grandmother was very wise Gibran. Where do you keep the decoration?

      Thank you for posting. I appreciate the feedback.

      • I keep it in her old room at my parent’s house. I use the room now as an empty room. I keep in neat and put my furniture in it. I use it when I stay at my parents house. I no longer live there full time but I housekeep and visit. I put the blanket on the bed that is in there to decorate it.
        The teddy bear I still have from my youth was the one I least played with as a child. It is well made, it squeeks, it is less plush than the more modern looking ones.

      • I love it! It works because the blanket is still whole. Mine is not. It cannot be put on the bed as decoration. My friend Catherine suggested I take up sowing and that I actually fashion a dress out of the material. I would put that dress on Emilie’s favorite doll and give it to her when she grows up. How do you like that idea?

        I love the fact that you’re still close to your parents Gibran. Take care!

      • There’s an idea! I know a taillor, she is a nice lady. I plowed her roof this weekend after that big storm passed. She fixed my big coat last winter ..
        Thanks Cookie for the compliment. I hope my kind deeds will land me some nice chicks in the near future.

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