Pharaoh, the board game, A Review

Pharaoh Board Game by Gladius

My son Benjamin received the Pharaoh board game from his aunt Renée on December 22, 2012.

Since the start of the Xmas break, we’ve been playing one to two board games daily.

We played the game (Ben, myself and my husband Greg) this afternoon. The game lasted about 45 minutes. Once you’ve played it more than once, it would be closer to 30 which is the right amount of time for a board game in today’s busy hectic schedules.

The concept is fairly simple: you need to build a pyramid before others get a chance to finish their own.

While you play, you must  pick a card from the number 1 pack, the number 2 pack, and so on and so forth.

This lead to several awkward jokes about number 1’s and number 2’s. My son even invented the definition of a number three which would be to vomit. Also, since this was the first time we played, the cards had not been shuffled properly and therefore we often picked the same card. Nonetheless, we had a blast. To build your pyramid, you need a prince and a princess, a sultan, a priest, a scribe and a vizir as well as 100 000 people. There are cards which allow you to replace your whole card deck and cards which allow you to steal from a fellow player.

I would recommend this game.

Ben, my eleven year-old, gives it four stars. Thank you Renée for such a thoughtful gift. Happy New Year!


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