In a Battle Royale, who wins…Tea or Coffee?

Now that I’ve eliminated the second daily coffee, I did a bit of research on tea and coffee.

I did a funny video log to share my findings.



ps: Thank you Gee Bone Productions for the help in putting together a professional video. I love the music and the special effects. It makes it that much funnier.



6 thoughts on “In a Battle Royale, who wins…Tea or Coffee?

  1. I like them both. I am more of a coffee guy these days though. I drink good coffee. I buy the beans and make a Bodum pitcher in the morning. That is two to three cups of coffee a day but it is high quality and I water it down a little, I do not drink it strong. So instead of 1 strong cup I have 2 to three mild cups made with the same amount of coffee just more water. I like tea and tisane even more than tea. Even the rooibos is really tasty. It is rare that I will drink other coffee than the one I buy. Sometimes at a restaurant or when on a road trip…
    A lot of people say that tea is much better for you. Maybe it is true because a lot of the coffee quality is sh*t out there. The coffee needs roasting, if you buy the beans unroasted (green) they are dirt cheap. Roasting is an art and most coffee is mediocre. Tea doesn’t need to be roasted.

    • Same to you C. I really like your page, you have created a healthy place for us to exchange.
      Yes I usually grind my own coffee. I have a few travel size Hario hand held grinders. I keep one at work, one at home, I just bought one for my parent’s home. Otherwise I use the small moulinex, or I wrap the beans in a cloth and bang it with a hammer or something rather, Voila.

      • Hello Gibran, that is my intent. To make the cooksploratrice pages very homey. A place to sit back, enjoy a few words, laugh a little and move on with your day a little happier from having stopped by. Have a great day!

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