The Dog We Saved on New Year’s Eve

My husband Greg and I left my parent’s house on New Year’s Eve around 9 PM.

The street was covered in snow. Mounds of snow, close to 6 feet high, lined the streets.

We get into the van and turn on the headlights.

In the headlights, we see this white dog with brown spots. Google informs me the breed is a Jack Russel Terrier.

The dog is wearing a dainty collar and is limping slightly.

He looked like he’d been out in the cold for a while.

He kept circling the van. The kids were concerned about the dog’s welfare.

The dog was shivering from the cold but also very loving and approachable. My son and daughter became very agitated in the car. I knew this needed to end well or the new year would start off badly. I’d started thinking of a plan B and C.

Greg put on the hazards, left the car in the middle of the street and took the dog in his arms. This normally shy person  screamed all over the neighboring streets : “Did Anybody lose a dog?”

As luck would have it, the dog’s worried master walked up to Greg with a leash in hand.

Man and beast were reunited again.

My son and daughter were so happy. Their dad was a hero.

Happy 2013 to all be you man or beast. May 2013 be filled with love, laughter and wonder. 


2 thoughts on “The Dog We Saved on New Year’s Eve

  1. Way-ta-go Greg! The story made me think of the St-Bernard dog that saves people with an emergency kit tied around its neck.

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