Cooksploratrice and the Producer Movie Review

The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey:

A Cooksploratrice and the Producer Movie Review

The Hobbit, an Unexpected Journey movie poster

Setting: Tango Restaurant, Laval
Menu: Goré Salad (coconut shavings, pineapple, tomatoes and lettuce)
Producer Drink: Organic Detox tea
Cooksploratrice Drink: Marrakech Mint Tea
Background noise: DJ music, too loud
Date: Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tango Restaurant, Laval

Moderator Question: What was your initial take on the film prior to seeing it?

C: I have not read the books but I love to see movies with creatures on the big screen. I loved Star Wars, the Potter movies, the Chronicles of Narnia, etc. I did not particularly like the Lord of the Rings but I still loved the universes they managed to create. I especially appreciated the middle earth and the worlds of the elves.

P: I did not want to see this movie but I wanted to keep Cooksploratrice happy so this is the movie we went to see. I thought it would be fun to have a review that would show two perspectives.

Moderator Question: Did you see the movie in High Frame 3D?

C: Yes we did.

P: High Frame 3D uses a shooting and projection frame rate of 48 frames per second.

Moderator Question: How did you appreciate the High Frame 3D?

C: I’m unsure whether it helps the story or it harms the story. Some parts looked glorious (the panoramic view seems to benefit from the technology while the character focused scenes seem to fall apart with this technology) while some fell short of my expectations.

P: I’m looking forward to watching the movie at home in order to compare the differences between technologies. It felt sometimes very amateurish or home movieish. It did not feel as sleek as usual films of this genre.

Moderator Question: Will you buy the movie for your Blu Ray Collection? 

C & P: Yes

Moderator Question: Should I see the movie in theaters or wait for the Blu Ray?

C: Theaters

P: Blu Ray

Moderator Question: Tell me about the story.

P: This is the first movie in a trilogy inspired by JR Tolkien’s book “The Hobbit” The story focuses on the dwarves who’ve lost their kingdom and will attempt to regain it from the dragon Smaug. In the first film, the dwarf King Thorin Oakenshield is hunted by Azog the White Orc while the Dwarf Crew is headed towards The Loney Mountain. The crew follows a map they cannot quite decipher and they will get help from an unlikely ally as they face terrible dangers.

C: This is also the story of Bilbo Baggins and how he discovers his own strength through the challenges they face. My favorite Bilbo Baggins quote was: “All I need to be happy is my home, my rocking chair and my books. You don’t have that and I want to get that for you.”

Moderator Question: Tell me about the pace.

C: I think I will have a better appreciation for the story on the second viewing. On the first, all I could think is how long this is. The pace is not what I would like it to be.

P: The movie is much too long. I do not think Peter Jackson knows the virtue of editing.

Moderator Question: What was your favorite moment in the movie?

C: I love the moment in Bilbo Baggin’s house when they are about to head out to war. All the characters start signing. I think of the gravity of that moment, the emotion displayed in the actor’s eyes, the beauty of the song and it’s one perfect moment of cinema. Here is the link: 

Misty Mountain Cold

Misty Mountain Cold

P: There is this moment in the movie where the company of dwarves camp for the night and they hear some Orcs. Balin, a dwarf leader, the son of Fundin and elder brother of Dwalin, explains the reason for the feud between Azog the white Orc and the Oakenshield family. The men then all stand up in pure loyalty to their king. It made me breakout in goosebumps.

Moderator Question: Were there any references to the Lord of the rings trilogy?

C: Fans of the trilogy would answer this better than I. I do feel like I want to watch LOTR 1 in order to appreciate the references more.

P: We see Golem in the cave. Saruman the wise tries to get Gandalf to forego the attempt to retrieve the dwarve’s kingdom.

C: Don’t forget the ring. We see the ring before it has its unfortunate effects.

Moderator Question: Which character was your favorite and why?

C: I loved Bilbo Baggins. I felt Martin Freeman represented him quite well and showed the evolution of the character. His eyes speak volumes. My scariest moment was with Bilbo Baggins.

P: I particularly liked Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield. The king is very stern and loyal. He reminded me of Mel Gibson in Braveheart.

Moderator Question: Cooksploratrice, how could you be scared in the Hobbit?

C: There is a scene between Golem and Bilbo Baggins in the cave. Golem is absolutely terrifying. He is completely unhinged. They play a game of riddles and I was jumping out of my seat.

Moderator Question: Mr. Producer, we know how much you like music. What did you think of the soundtrack?

P: The score was composed by Howard Shore. Howard Shore did the soundtrack for all of the LOTR movies as well as the Score, Silence of the Lambs and Philadelphia to name a few. Mister Shore is a Canadian Composer. The music was a very powerful accompaniment to the story. I have downloaded the Soundtrack from Itunes and have been enjoying it ever since.

C: I love the sound track. Especially Misty Mountain.

Moderator Question: What’s your overall appreciation of the movie?

C: 3.5 Stars. It was a mixture of genres. The landscapes were gorgeous.

P: 3 stars. It was extremely unrealistic. People do incredible things and do not get hurt. I would have expected so much more injuries. The lack of realism prevented me from appreciating the story.

Moderator Question: How’s your salad?

C: I’m not sure coconut belongs in a salad.

P: It’s okay but I’ve had better.


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